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We're interested in hearing from developers of all kinds including programmers, artists, animators, level designers, game designers, producers, and everything in between. Check out our most urgent needs below or email if you don't see the position you're looking for as we're always on the lookout for exceptional talent.

There are many reasons why Florida is one of the fastest growing states in the country. Whether it’s a coaster at Universal Orlando, the great weather year round, or 663 miles of beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, there’s never a shortage of places to go for some fun and recreation. Our south Florida location puts us in the perfect spot to take advantage of it all.


You can stay close to home and be on a beautiful sandy beach in minutes, soaking up the sun, fishing the surf, or riding a paddleboard or wave runner. For those looking for a little more privacy and change of pace, in a little over an hour by car, Florida’s west coast offers breathtaking sunsets, and white sandy beaches with little commercial activity. And for the true outdoorsman, you can camp, hike, fish, mountain bike, canoe, and kayak just about anywhere in the state as there are several hundred state, county, and city parks to visit year round. For the animal lovers, there’s opportunities to swim with dolphin or snorkel the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States, located about 50 miles south of Miami in the Florida Keys.


If you’re more of a thrill seeker, there’s no better place to vacation in the world than Orlando, just a 3 hour car ride away. Central Florida is home to the country’s top amusement park destination. You can reach speeds of close to 70 miles per hour on the Hulk coaster or relive the Harry Potter movies at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, both at Universal Orlando Resort. For those with families, the dream of going to Disney can now become a reality, again and again.


Fear not history and science buffs, Florida happens to be home to the oldest city in America, St. Augustine, established in 1565. It’s home to the oldest house, one of the oldest cathedrals, and the Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States at over 320 years old. Just south of St. Augustine in Cape Canaveral, you can find Kennedy Space Center, Nasa’s primary launch center of human spaceflight.

Senior AI Game Designer




Ghostpunch Games is looking for experienced AI game designers to join our talented development team to work on some of the most exciting franchises in the gaming industry.

The Senior AI Game Designer is responsible for creating and developing the overall conceptual design of a game AI.  When assigned to a project development team, the Senior AI Game Designer will take the primary role in creating entity behaviors and implementing character and creature AI through storyboards, layouts, modeling, scripting and balancing.  




  • Define the character behavior vision and communicate that vision to the project team.

  • Create and maintain the design documents which describe all aspects of the game’s character design in detail.

  • Work with programmers, animators, and other designers to achieve the vision of the character and creature AI design.

  • Participate in extensive game play at all stages of the development process in order to ensure that the original game design concept is being maintained and to evaluate gameplay to ensure that the game is fun and engaging.




  • Must be able to successfully communicate the character vision and inspire others to realize that vision.

  • Must have a deep understanding of animation, entity locomotion, and pathfinding systems.

  • Must possess the ability to use decision-making artificial intelligence systems and corresponding toolsets.




  • Eequires at least 5 years of game design experience.

  • Must have design credits on at least 4 published games and have participated in the design/development process of those games from inception to distribution.

  • Must have experience in design on at least 1 shipping AI System.

  • Must have experience working with other product development disciplines (Art, Programming, etc.) in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.

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