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     Alejandro Garcia-Tunon Joins Ghostpunch Games as Technical Director


                                    Ghostpunch Games is pleased to announce the arrival of Alejandro Garcia-Tunon as Technical Director. Alejandro will oversee the technology development, operations, and strategy                                       of Ghostpunch Games. As a member of the executive team, he will be working with Rick Daniels, Hugh Falk, and Devon Browne to deliver world-class games and game development                                       services.


                                     Executive Producer, Hugh Falk said, "As head of technology, Alejandro's first order of business will be to stop all the VCRs from flashing 12:00." 


"And my second task," said Alejandro, "is to figure out why they still use VCRs... and why so many?  Ghostpunch will be totally converted to streaming by mid-2020."


Rick Daniels, Director of Operations, said "While we're very excited to have Alejandro join us, we're also excited about the potential for streaming movies and TV shows."


Animation Director, Devon Browne, simply shook his head and had no further comment.


Alejandro joins Ghostpunch Games with almost 20 years of game development and technology experience. He spent most of his career working on AAA console titles.  Most recently he served as Head of Technology Operations for Magic Leap Studios, the creative interactive experience development and production division of Magic Leap, managing the software engineering and guiding development best practices for first party mixed reality experience development.   He does not currently own a VCR.

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